What is my Agent Link and how do I access it?
Your unique art agent link is the way that we will track the customers you refer to our online store and your commission. It will look like ‘’, but the end number will be your unique number. In order to be credited with the sales you refer, you must always use your unique link.
You can always find your link by logging into your Affiliatly profile here and accessing your ‘Info Page’.

How do I direct my contact to purchase from your store?
1) Give your contact your unique Art Agent link
2) Provide the online store password: “GALLERYACCESS”
3) You’re done! Your contact will now be able to access all available work and checkout using a credit card or Paypal. Any purchases they make will be tracked and attributed to you.

How do I track my progress?
You can login to your Affiliatly member account, here, anytime to track your progress and see how much commission you’re earning.

Can I refer someone to become an Art Agent?
Yes. You can refer someone you think would be a good fit by e-introducing them via Once that Agent makes their first sale, you will receive a one-time Referral Payment of $100 USD during the next payment cycle. Please note that new Agent additions are at the discretion of the Artist and not all referrals are accepted.

Why am I required to Purchase an Artistic Work for myself?
Before you can start sharing your link, you must make an initial purchase for yourself of any Artistic Work (Original Artwork, Limited Edition Giclée, or Open Run Giclée). This requirement is to ensure promotional authenticity within the program, and allows you to experience the checkout and commission process firsthand. You will purchase your Artistic Work at list price using your unique art agent link, and will be reimbursed your discount in the same way as you will receive future commissions. This purchase does not count towards your sales minimum.

What counts towards my yearly sales goal?
In addition to any works that are purchased by your contacts, any works that you purchase as gifts or for charitable opportunities will also count towards your minimum.

What happens if I don’t make my yearly sales goal?
There are a variety of ways to get the word out there -- please visit our Marketing Page in the dashboard for some ideas! We encourage you to capitalize on these opportunities, however if for some reason you’re unable to share our work with your immediate and extended network we will be reviewing these working relationships on a case-by-case basis.

How much commission can I earn?
Your commission depends which Artistic Work has been purchased. The commission for Open-Run Prints is $150 USD, Limited Edition Prints is $350 USD, and 15% of sale price for Original Paintings.

Will you be expanding the product I can earn commission from?
At the moment, only Giclées are available for direct purchase from our online store. You can view pricing information for original works here (please note that this is a private page, and not to be shared). If you acquire an interested potential buyer for an original painting, you must introduce (in-person or via e-mail, the potential buyer to the Artist. When the transaction is complete, you will receive a 15% commission on the sale price.

When and how do I get paid?
Commission Payments will be made during the first week of every month, within 30 days of the payment being cleared by the Artist’s banking institution. There are no payout minimums.

All payments will be directly deposited into your banking account, based on the banking information you provide through Affiliatly. If you have not yet submitted your banking information, please login to Affiliatly, click on the profile icon, scroll down to ‘Payment by’ and click the ‘More Info’ button. If you have any issues with this, please email



What are the Delivery Charges my contact should expect?
These changes depend on the location being shipped to. Currently all works are shipped from Toronto, Canada. The best way to estimate delivery charges is to input the address upon checkout. The shipment may also be subject to duties and taxes, dependent on the destination country if shipping outside of Canada. Any duties levied are the responsibility of the purchaser/customer.

What is your return policy?
All sales are final. We only accept returns for refund or exchange for items damaged in transit. Please read through our Return Policy, here.

What if the work arrives damaged?
We take every precaution to ensure the work is expertly packaged, but if there is damage to the work before it is delivered, please first review our Return Policy. you or the Purchaser must email us within 48 hours of receiving the Artistic Work at to alert us of the damage. The damaged Work must then be returned to us and a replacement will be shipped as soon as possible. If a replacement is not available we will refund the full purchase price of the item.

Have more customer questions not covered here?
Please read through the online shop FAQ for customers here.


Do you have a print catalogue or marketing materials I can access?
Yes! Please visit the Marketing Page on the Dashboard.

Can I create my own promotional graphics?
Case-by-case: Please contact us at with your ideas!

Can I donate your work to charity?
You may purchase an Artistic Work for donation to a Charitable Event with written approval from the Artist. Please visit the Marketing Page on the Dashboard and view the ‘Charity Protocol PDF’.

What do I need to tag when posting online?
You must tag ‘Samara Shuter’ on Facebook, or @samshuter on Instagram and Twitter and hashtag #samshuter on all social media postings related to the Samara’s Artistic Works.


Are you a realtor, filling out your Real Estate Renewal Form?
As explained by the Real Estate Council of Canada, Section E Question 3 is a mandatory question to ensure any business activity is not a conflict of interest, ie. working with a brokerage and then being hired in an administrative role with another brokerage. RECO has confirmed that it’s not unusual for realtors to have a sideline business, and that your affiliation with Samara Shuter is not a conflict of interest and should be reported.

If you have any questions at all not covered in our FAQ, please contact us at

We will do our very best to respond as soon as possible!