B. 1986, Montreal. Lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


"Canadian painter Samara Shuter channels her passion for fashion, street art, and graphic design into lush canvases dedicated to the ubiquitous menswear item, the tailored suit. For Shuter, the men’s suit provides a sturdy architectural template from which to explore formal concepts of line, color, and geometric structure; while also blurring the lines between high art, animation, and comic-book drawing. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Canada." - Paddle8.com

"Sam has a fine eye for colour and composition. Her work is original, and combines Pop Art and Abstraction, that should be pursued further (in large format and expanded subject matter!)"- Aaron Milrad, North America's leading Fine Art Counsel

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© Renée Rodenkirchen Photography 2018

© Renée Rodenkirchen Photography 2018