Taking Care of Your Fine Art Print

These instructions are designed to provide basic guidelines that will help you care for your fine art Giclée print reproduction. Your purchase is an investment that we want you and your family to enjoy for generations. Giclée prints generally require the same treatment and care you would give any original piece of artwork. Please read the following carefully:

Baryta Photographique is the paper I have chosen for my fine art print editions. It is a museum-grade photo paper, offering the look and aesthetic of the original darkroom Baryta print, acid-free and internally buffered to resist gas fading and maximize the conservation of the artwork print. Using this heavyweight archival paper with the finest inks produces prints with extremely high color fidelity and a wide tonal range.

Because of their sensitive and water soluble nature, digital prints require the highest level of care when handling and framing. White gloves should always be worn when working with prints; this prevents any natural oils on your skin from affecting the artwork’s integrity.

Please do not place the Giclée face down on any object or surface to avoid damaging the printed image. This would also apply to placing objects on top of the artwork while it’s resting or in storage. Keep handling to a minimum during the hanging process and hold only from the sides.

We also recommend that you keep your Giclée in a relatively controlled environment and that you do not hang your Giclée in direct sunlight. Repeated exposure to extreme and/or sudden changes in humidity and/or temperature can have an adverse effect on the longevity of your artwork.

Please do not wash printed surfaces with water, damp cloths or solvents. For cleaning we recommend using a clean dry soft cloth to gently wipe off dust and/or dirt. In most cases, we advise you seek out professional assistance if you find there is an issue.

When matting or framing Giclée prints, using archival materials is essential to the preservation of your print. Thus mats, adhesives, foam core, tissues and boards should be acid free, and of archival or museum quality.


Thank you for your investment, and enjoy your new artwork.



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