Now that you've signed your contract, here are your next steps!

Note: We are in the beginning stages of our program and have not yet built our own software. We realize that our current process can be simplified -- for the time being please email us with any questions at all!


  1. Affiliatly Registration
    In order to track orders and receive earnings, you must register an account with Affiliatly here. Once we review and approve your registration, you will have access to your account and you will receive your unique link (Eg. You need to use unique link anytime you refer anyone to Samara’s Store, so hang on to it! If you want to track your referrals and earnings, you can login to Affiliatly anytime here using the login information you created during this registration.

  2. Payment Information
    Please enter your payment information through your Affiliate account by clicking on the profile icon, scrolling down to ‘Payment by’ and clicking the ‘More Info’ button. All future payments will be directly deposited into your banking account based on this information.

  3. Ordering your first Giclée
    Before you can start sharing your link, you must make an initial purchase for yourself of any Artistic Work (Original Artwork, Limited Edition Giclée, or Open Run Giclée). To order your personal Giclée, access the Giclée store by using your custom store link and entering password "GALLERYACCESS". Select which Giclée you would like, proceed to checkout normally, and you will be reimbursed your discount in the same way as you will receive future commissions.

You’ve completed everything you need to officially get started!