February 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter

Posted by Samara Shuter on

No more "Passwords" no more "Documents"...
My new Print Shop is now
LIVE, and ready to take you for a spin!
Valentine's Day is around the corner, and so is Spring...says the Groundhog. So what are you waiting for? I know you've been staring at your walls for months now, thinking "wouldn't a POP of colour be nice"?
I hear you, it's been a brutal few months, but I want you to know we will get through this together. Literally.

Every couple of weeks I mix, calibrate, test, print, dry, measure, cut, measure again, sign, pack and ship your Fine Art Print.

Email me at studio@samshuter.com with the 8 most obvious differences between the two paintings below, and the Krst 21 people (to celebrate 2021!! Woo!!) will receive a code in return giving you 20% off of anything you'd like that is now available in my store. Scout's honour!
Don't be shy- zoom in!

It's been a year since we've spoken in this way (Newsletters, yuck!), and I'll admit, around this time last year I was concerned about the future! Concerned about my Galleries cutting their hours in half, and my fairs cancelling around the globe! But alas, art lovers united worldwide, and 2020 turned into our best year yet. It was painfully tough, and when it rained it poured! There were many "all-nighters" to meet deadlines, and plenty of worry over shipping and how to navigate a "curb-side" style business in the studio, and we're still Kguring it out! But this is not our "new normal", I refuse to accept it, and the days of engaging and interacting with Fine Art in-person will be back soon enough... you'll see!
Genuinely, a major shout-out to all of my friends and favourite "makers" alike... I salute you and your effort to bring joy and harmony during this wild time. Your food, music, poetry and pottery (++) have helped people experience a brighter day!

Thank you!! Don't give up.


I'm working in-studio through the winter, storing my "inventory nuts" away, LOL. So many projects to unfold this Spring, and so much to look forward to- ya? Ya! We try.
Find me at my usual hangout @samshuter and shoot me a message with any inquiries on Work, requests for Virtual Studio Tours or simply to say HI. I love it, and hope we can all continue to stay connected, happy and healthy throughout this trying time! I got you.

With love and thanks for reading, Sam

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